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Assistance, repair and trade Coffee Machines civilians and industrialmausita

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mausitaMausita LLC was founded  by a group of technical people, highly skilled technicians, staff from companies in the same industry. These people have developed an entrepreneurial capacity to provide products and services of the highest quality.

Mausita LLC puts its bases for developement  of its activities in the costumer focus, ande continuous improvement of relations with its suppliers.

Coffee Machines: Lavazza EP 2100 Pininfarina, Colibrý Lavazza
Blu, Saeco 500 News, Necta Brio 200/250, Necta Spazio, Necta
Astro, Bianchi (more items), Saeco SG200, Zanussi Venezia...

Vending Machines:
Iarp, Vendo, Tecnomet, Bianchi, and more...

Policy for quality:- Customer satisfaction
- Supplier evalutation
- Continuous improvement of the technical department
- Constant updates of the technical  and commercial staff
- Careful marketing research and problem solving

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Head Quarters:  via Leonardo da Vinci n. 3, 27036 - Mortara (PV) - ITALY